Disk Jockey FAQs

How much experience do your DJs have?

Our DJs vary in their years with E-Sharp but all have one thing in common: they produce great events. E-Sharp proactively seeks out only personable, professional, and hard-working Individuals with a love of music to join our team. We believe that the skills required to be a good DJ can be taught, but integrity and great character are inherent. All our new DJs participate in our DJ Mentor Program, which is a combination of classroom and on-the-job experience and training.

Can we go to a wedding where your DJs are performing?

E-Sharp respects the privacy of our clients. Therefore, we do not allow potential clients to attend your event to view our services. After all, would you want a complete stranger at your wedding distracting your DJ with questions? This is your day, and the focus should be on you and not selling our services to other brides and grooms.

Why don’t we have a sit down meeting with our DJ?

The last few weeks leading up to your event are extremely busy with final preparations and details. We have found through years of experience that a phone consultation is more convenient for our clients than a sit down consultation.

Does the DJ bring equipment (amps, microphone, etc.), or do we/our reception site need to supply it?

We bring all the sound and light equipment needed for your event.

What happens if a piece of equipment breaks at the show?

We have backup equipment and a backup technician scheduled on the day of your wedding should any problems arise. Typically, cords are the most common things to break down. Our DJs always carry multiple spare XLR and power cords for a very quick repair. Also, all our DJs are given a screwdriver in the rare event they need to tighten or replace a screw in a stand or speaker. If a speaker or another major piece of equipment fails, the on-call technician would replace the broken part. E-Sharp DJs are trained to handle equipment issues on site and can engage in short term alternative methods if needed until the replacement part is delivered. This is extremely rare.

How much room will the DJ need? Do I need to provide a table?

Our DJ system is versatile enough for any space, large or small. Your DJ will need a 6’ or 8’ banquet table and minimal room for the speakers and lights. Most event sites will provide a skirted table for the DJ at no charge.

How many hours will the DJ play music?

Your package will dictate how many hours your Dj will play. Typically the DJ will play throughout your whole wedding including your ceremony. Your DJ will arrive 90 minutes prior to guest arrival and will play until agreed upon time!

What If I Want Additional time from our Dj?

We don’t mind Staying an extra 30 minuet anything after 30min will be 200 per hour on your contract.

Why do you charge for ceremony coverage if my ceremony is only 15 minutes?

Not only does your DJ arrive 90 minutes early, but they go through extensive training specifically catered to wedding ceremonies, as it is much different than hosting a reception. Because the ceremony is such an intimate part of your day, we want to make sure it runs flawlessly and this requires reserving our ceremony-trained DJs.

When will we hear from our DJ?

You will have the ability to connect with your DJ right away! Your DJ will reach out within two business days and you will have unlimited planning time with them to do a thorough phone consultation to walk through all your online planning tools, custom song lists, timeline and any logistical details you would like to discuss for the big day.

Can I create a playlist for the DJ?

Yes! Your online account manager includes access to our music portal which is loaded with over 20,000+ songs. You can create custom playlists for each part of your day, including specific guest requests lists, and custom music selections for your ceremony, social hour, dinner, dance, do not play, and must play list.

What if we want a song that is not on your list?

With over 20,000 songs and growing, our music library is quite extensive. However, if we don’t have a song (or songs you would like, just add the song name and artist to the Supplementary Song section of your DJ profile and we will get it for you. In the rare instance we are unable to locate the song you request, we ask you to provide it on CD or mp3 3 weeks before your wedding.

Is gratuity included?

Gratuity is not included in our packages. As in all services in the wedding industry, it is just that—a service. We believe you should tip your DJ based on the experience you receive, not because it’s required. As a guide and for budgeting purposes, it is common within the industry to tip 15% of your DJ’s show price; however, if you’re DJ exceeds your expectations and rocks the house, tip accordingly!

Do you have audio visual equipment we can rent for the ceremony and/or reception?

We have limited equipment that can be rented directly through us. Contact your sales representative for more information.

Do you have any hidden fees?

No. There are no hidden fees, or tax that you have to take into consideration with our package. The price in the quote is for unlimited playing time for your reception and includes everything your DJ needs to be successful on your big day. The only additional fee you may incur on top of your quote price, is if you choose to add ceremony coverage or require a travel fee, if your venue is located outside of a 100-mile radius of Bowling Green Kentucky.

Is there a travel fee to my venue?

If your venue is located over 40 miles from the center point of the Twin Cities, your travel fee will be one dollar per mile from the center point of the Twin Cities to your venue’s address. This fee goes directly to your DJ for their gas, mileage, and time. If your venue is over 150 miles from the center point of Blowing Green, we do require overnight lodging for the safety of your DJ since they will be working a long day. Lodging is at your discretion; however, it must be within 15-20 miles of your venue.

What does my DJ wear?

Our male DJs will wear a white dress shirt with a black suit coat, black tie, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. Female DJs will wear a black or white dress shirt with black dress pants and black dress shoes.

Will my DJ emcee my reception?

Yes! All of our DJs are trained extensively on the communication, facilitation and coordination side of being an effective and successful DJ. They will help with your Grand March, all announcements, traffic flow and coordination to make your reception as seamless as possible.

What do your online planning tools entail?

Our online planning tools have been designed with over 30 years of experience, so your DJ is equipped with all the essential information to be successful in executing your vision. Most couples have never hired a DJ before; thus our online planning tools are designed to prompt conversation between you and your fiancé to help articulate what is most important to you for your day.